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The Lockdown Beauty Edit

Since lockdown has started my bold lipsticks and ultra bright highlighters, the favorites for nights out, have sat unused. In their place moisturizers, facemasks and any other ‘self-care’ essentials have been used daily. In this post I’ll be sharing my go-to essentials that have been essential for my self care routine these past few months. 


For skin, my routine mostly resembles that of pre-quarantine. The only difference is the amount of time I have to pamper myself. In addition to products I have added some DIY face massages to the mix as an attempt of relaxation. I look incredibly silly doing them but it’s really only me that has to watch. Check out one of the routines I've been following by Cosmopolitan Magazine. I definitely haven’t mastered this but it has been something to work towards.

For products, I always start with a sensitive skin cleanser and a moisturizer. Currently I’m using the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Cleanser in the creamy formula (I avoid the foaming one as it has alcohol) and the Cerave Moisturizing Cream. I feel like both of these products are looked over as they don’t boast eye catching ingredients or packaging. If I could recommend one thing is to try simplifying your skincare routine with products like this -- in contrast to what we are told by the beauty industry, simple skincare (without fragrance, harsh ingredients and dyes) is often better for our skin. Additionally, as a college student both of these products have a large amount for the price and normally last me around half a year before I have to repurchase.

After my base skincare, I use the Elizabeth Arden Millenium Eye Renewal Cream for some hydration, and follow it up by always applying my Cerave Hydrating Sunscreen with SPF 50. Again, this is another sensitive skin face essential and if you have sensitive skin or sunscreen recommendation this is a MUST BUY! Lastly I prep with some heavy chapstick! Currently, I'm using the Lip Conditioner by Aerin and have loved the glossy look it gives.

A little extra skin love

As for some fun skincare picks I love using face masks! I’ve been trying to make it a point to put on a mask while watching movies at night a few times a week. One of my favorites is the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. This is a huge blogger/ vlogger favorite and I have to say it lives up to the hype. This mask instantly reduced my breakout without irritating my skin. I also love Origins for their mission and ingredients -- it is definitely a cleaner skincare brand than so many others. A new product I’ve started using is the Eve Lom Rescue Mask which hydrates and revitalises my skin in one. The key ingredients of honey infused clay cleans my pores while calming them -- something I would never have expected! I always find that my skin is so glowy after using this mask. 


Besides becoming my own hairdresser, for better or worse, I have tried to use hair oil more. I don’t normally do this, so I am currently using a sample of the Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil. It makes my hair look so shiny and healthy but I’m not sure I would purchase it again after using it. The brand is beautiful but definitely a pricier pick. Let me know if you use hair oil and which one? I would love to learn more about looking after my hair. 


This category see’s less love but for days when I want to glam up a bit, or feel more myself, I stick to these essentials. I’ve ditched the foundation and instead use the Collection Primed & Ready Anti-Blemish BB Cream with a touch of the Revolution Bake and Blot Face Powder. I still use my Hourglass bronzer, highlighter and blush palette daily as it instantly makes my face look naturally glowy and sculpted.

This is from a few Christmases ago (and no longer available) but I can’t recommend this brand enough for daily essentials that you’ll want to use day after day (and year after year). Lastly, I throw on some brow cream, I have been loving the MUA Academy Brow Define as it fills my brows so quickly. 

What are your quarantine beauty favorites? 

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