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Blogmas Day 21:Rouge Dior review + ramble

December 22, 2017


Dear reader… I caved.

If you are anything like me (which you quite possibly are as you are reading my post about lipstick), you may love lipstick. It may have been a love that's grown stronger over time. One that’s brought you to wear dark purple on the regular or a simple pink nude. It may have taken a hold on you like it has for me.

I don’t remember the first time I went to Sephora and I found myself looking at the YSL or Dior or Marc Jacobs lip products. What I do know is that I always managed to say “Brynn! No!". While the packaging looked wonderful, the colors looked incredible, I always stood my ground and avoided the hefty price tag. Unitl I totally caved.

Very recently I was in my local Sephora store and I found myself camped out at the YSL display. I know this post is on Dior but I feel like I have to mention that YSL lip products look just SO amazing. As I was looking at the display both of the shades I was interested in were sold out and the lovely Sephora employee matched one of the shades to the Rouge Dior lipstick in the shade Rialto. This was such a happy miracle as I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Rialto lipstick!


I bought the shade as I was looking for a red that was wearable for the lead up to Christmas. I’ve actually found that’s it’s a pretty perfect everyday color for me as the red’s such a flattering pink-red mix AND the formula is pretty incredible. It’s a satin formula that leans onto the sheerer side and is very moisturizing. It’s not long lasting, and it will come off after a big meal, but it’s the comfort and color that really impresses. There’s something to be said for a lipstick that doesn't dry out your lips in winter and this is it for me! Also the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G packaging is a stunning shiny dark blue with a metal accent with the Dior logo on the lid. It even has a weight to it and a red accent on the inside of the cap.

This is a lipstick I am really impressed with and for a usual matte lipstick lover, I am SO surprised I love this so much! It’s quiet a splurge but if you think this would work for you I would say you should pick it up!

Have you tried out a rouge dior lipstick? Any similar sounding lipstick faves?








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