Best 4 Lips

A Poem: Caught Between Clouds

October 14, 2018

Caught between Clouds 


Caught between clouds 

Sunlight stares at me.

Illuminates the web on my window pane

And runs before I can offer it a drink.


My cheeks crinkle hard like paper,

Lips pull together as if sewn by string,

And the wind whispers of a season

Already passed. 




After Thoughts:


I wrote this poem from my desk (a mid century modern piece that surprisingly came with my dorm room) as I watched one of the last summer suns set. I was actually warm as the sun came through my window and I realized "ahh it's almost winter" and "ahh this may be one of the last times the sun is around like this". I am weirdly still so melancholy about the changing of the seasons!


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