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Week of the lip: Luxury Classic Matte Brown Look

Hi and welcome back! I hope your having a fantastic day :)

Today I'm doing a very wearable lip look that is so cool (lol as that actually sounded so uncool). It actually is so awesome though! I have been loving the brown lipstick trend in 2016 and I am so excited to see where it goes in 2017! This is a more refined classy and wearable version than a really dark brown liquid lipstick or a gloss. This is also with one of my absolute favorite lipsticks (and from one of my favorite makeup companies too) so let's get into it!

I actually totally didn't prep my lips (which I probably should have done) but the lipstick formula I used is so moisturizing that I can honestly get away with it. I would definitely recommend exfoliating your lips though if they ar getting dry (I usually do this) as the only fault these lipsticks have is that they can cling to a dry patch on your lip and then they don't look totally opaque around that spot.

I then lined my lips with my most used lip liner of this year, the Loreal Colour Riche lip liner in beyond pink. Sorry for using this lip liner so much! Honestly I don't have too many lip liners as I just use the few that I have as they are so versatile. This is a browny pink that is like the"my lips but better" color and I honestly just use it to stop color from moving on my lips. It is such a neutral shade that it blends really well into so many different lip colors.

Lastly I applide the stunning Charlotte Tillbury lipstick in Birkin Brown on my lips. This is part of the Matte Revolution collection, and these are the most comfortable ,moisturizing matte lipsticks I have ever tried. They are quiet pricey, but they are a really nice luxury product. I would really recommend this for anyone who wants an amazing quality lipstick that is also in stunning rose gold packaging! Lastly the color is a warm chocolate brown that on me is a really wearable statement lip, but could also be a perfect nude or dark nude lip color on different complexions.

Thanks for reading:) Check back tomorrow for another new lip look


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