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A Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Haul

Hello! Today I'm here with a haul that is probably the most exciting haul I've ever done. It's a haul of all the Charlotte Tilbury goodies I picked up during the back Friday sale. For the last year or so I've been on a makeup no-buy, unless it was an essential that I had run out of (concealer, mascara, etc. ) but I recently stopped the no buy and started to buy some staple pieces for my makeup collection.

Before I get int my haul I wanted to share the disclaimer that CT makeup is high-end and pricey and I don't take these purchases lightly. For me, I really researched and considered which makeup pieces I wanted to buy from the collection and then waited for the sale to buy them. I know that these makeup items will stay in my collection for a long time. Additionally, I try to buy pieces that will make me excited each time I pick them up and CT beauty does exactly that.

On to the haul …

During the black Friday sale CT had 40% off on her sets which included a variety of classic collections favorites. I was drawn to this because the value was amazing ( as were the free gifts with purchases). When shopping I knew I wanted to pickup some CT products I hadn't tried before (anything besides the lipsticks) and some lipsticks, because they are my fave formula.

Bigger, Brighter Eye Tricks $64 ($109 value)

I picked up the Bigger, Brighter Eye Tricks set which includes the Exagereyes quad, an eyeliner and an eyes-to-mesmerize in my choice of shade. I decided to go with the classic brown eyeliner and the rose gold eyes to mesmerize. I've had my eye on a CT eyeshadow palette for a while and I can't even tell you the amount of time I've swatched them in Sephora but the $53 price tag always stopped me (as that's over $10 per shade). I've also been eyeing an eyes to mesmerize and thought this deal was the perfect way to try both. The pencil was an extra bonus for me that I am excited to try.

The Exagereyes palette is a quad of golden brown and taupe shades. From the pictures I had seen online I was expecting this to be warm pink shades but I was excited to see how neutral this quad really is. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be amazing for makeup for my day job (and spoiler, I’ve used it every work day since buying it). From my first swatch of the classic brown eye pencil, I could tell how creamy and unique the formula is. I also love the depth of the brown shade and am excited to see how it blends out in a smokey look. And lastly, the eyes to mesmerize -- this is the softest and creamiest formula of a cream shadow I have ever tried. I love the shade as it's the perfect high-end replacement of an old cream shadow of mine, the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink. I used that shadow every day in high school and chose rose gold as I saw how easily it could become a part of my everyday routine.

One thing I wanted to mention is that when I buy a product, especially a more expensive one, I buy it to use it. I always see people talking about saving their high-end makeup for special occasions, but for me, I want to get the value out of it. Ideally, I want these to be like my Hourglass holiday palettes from a few years ago that I have hit pan on in multiple shades and have used every day since buying them.

Charlotte’s Day to Date Lip Kit $61 ($102 value)

Next up is a lipstick trio I picked up that included three lipsticks from CT's different lipstick lines/ formulas: Matte Revolution, K.I.S.S.I.N.G, and the first Hot Lips collection. You could pick one shade from each of these collections for a $61 bundle (which basically equaled three lipsticks for the price of two). For the Matte Revolution line, CT's most well-loved lipstick formula, I chose the shade M.I. Kiss (formerly known as Bond Girl). This is a berry red shade that seems to appear in every CT blog post and YouTube video I've seen. I love the matte revolution formula because of how comfortable and nourishing it is. Next up for the kissing line, I picked up the shade Stone Rose which is a warm coral rose shade. This one surprised me as it was much nuder than I was expecting (always the challenge of buying lipstick online) and I love the glossy shine of this formula. I'm more of a matte lipstick girl but in winter cream blush and a glossy lip is much more my beat. Lastly, from the hot lips collection is the deep rose plum shade called Secret Selma in the matte revolution formula. When I bought my first CT lipstick in high school I poured over the website while I was choosing which shade to get. At that point, the hot lips one range had just launched and I remember being so obsessed with the Secret Selma color. Budgeting and my love of the Glastonbury shade kept me away from it until now – I am so excited to have finally have this unique shade in my collection.

Lastly, is the free gift with purchase I got by spending over 125 on the site (yes, crazy I know -- I'm back to budgeting, I promise). I was so excited to score a free Walk of No Shame eyeshadow quad with my purchase. This was full size and one of the quad colors that was highest on my list if I were to purchase one so it added a lot of value and excitement to my purchase. This quad has the most beautiful red tones yet neutral color story. It has a beautiful creamy highlight shade and a stunning antique gold pop shade.

Stay tuned to hear my reviews and first impressions of these products. I can guarantee they are going to appear on my blog a lot!

Have you tried any CT products? Have you spotted any of your favorites in the haul above?



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