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week of the lip: mauve peachy gloss and lipstick combo

Hi and welcome back :) I hope your having a good day :)

Today I'm doing a mauve-peachy lip combo. This is another super wearable lip look but it has a more glossy sparkly twist. This is one of my favorite lip looks that I have included this week, soI hoep you enjoy it!

Ok so I decided not to line my lips and I tried a tecnhique that I heard Tanya Burr talk about. She sad that she uses her finger and she just rubs the lipstick into the eliens of her lip. i really likd this and i love the odea of not havign to use a lip liner either.

Next I used the rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 104. This is my most used lipstick this year (so i ahd to include it in a lip look)! It is a mauve pink nude shade that is so perfect. It is so perfect for just lgithly dapping it on the lips and then putting chapstic oevr it for a super natural look. It is also super nice if you apply it really opaque, which is how i applied it in this lip look.

Next i added the Revlon gloss in the shade HD Petalite (which was my most sued gloss this year, so this is a combo of my most used lip products). This is a gloss that is just the perfect amoutn fo sticky. Taht soudns weird but its sticky enough where it last but it isnt crazy uncomfortable. It is also such a ebautiful peachy pink shae with a gorgeous gold shift (which is so pretty in the picture that I took).

Yah so that's all for this lip look :)

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