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First Impressions + Swatches of Nicole Guerriero X Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be writing about my first impression of the new Anastasia glow kit that is a collaboration with Nicole Guerriero. Nicole Guerriero is a beauty youtuber who has been involved in the makeup scene for a long time. I have only seen a few of her videos but I love to see youtubers and other beauty influencers collaborating with brands. This collaboration is such a cool thing as Anastasia is such a large and respected brand! This is a limited edition glow kit that comes with six stunning shades inside of (again) stunning pink packaging! It is being sold for $40 at Sephora, Ulta, and the Anastasia website. I decided to go ahead and write about my first impressions of this palette as it just came out, and I was able to pick it up early from the Sephora app towards the beginning of the week. I would normally wait a little while longer and do a Holy Grail or Mega Fail post about this, but because I was able to get it early and I thought people might want to see the swatches before buying it, I decided to go ahead and write about my first impressions.

So the actual packaging of this palette includes a slip cover that is in the same color to the palette. The actual palette is a cardboard and is a stunning pink shade with some glitter reflect. It is such fitting packaging for this palette as it so glamorous! The palette includes six highlight shades which are 4.5g/ 0.16oz each. It also is vegan and cruelty free, and has a 12 month shelf life. Now that the details are out of the way, this palette will work for any skin tone. I as some on with fair-light skin can use three of the shades easily as highlight. The other three I can use if mixed with the lightest shade, Forever Lit, to use them as highlight. To do this I always use a light hand, as these are extremely pigmented! This palette is probably the best for medium skin tones as each highlight would most likely work. The shades are pretty versatile in color so some of the pinkier toned ones ( Kitty Kat and Daydream ) can also be used as a blush topper. Additionally all the shades are eye safe and can be used as eyeshadows.

Now on to the shades....

There is a large variety in the shades and they stretch form a platinum shade with iridescent shimmer to a darker more coppery gold. I think Nicole did a great job creating this palette as it has such a great shade range that it can cater to a lot of different skin tones. Additionally, the formula of Anastasia highlighters are almost like a foiled shadow, which allows such versatility as the shades that are too dark for me are amazing as eyeshadows.

the shades are described on the sephora site as:

Kitty Kat: pink with a platinum shimmer

Forever Young pink pearl with silver shimmer

Daydream coral with white gold shimmer

Forever Lit: platinum with lavender shimmer

Glo Getter: champagne with rose shimmer

143: rose gold with bronze shimmer

The shades I can highlight with (without mixing with a lighter shade) are: Kitty Kat, Forever Young, and Forever Lit. I can also use the shade daydream as a blush topper. Glo Getter and 143 are too dark for my skin tone as highlights. I also wanted to say that Forever Young is my favorite shade so far, and if you like champagne/pearl highlight shades you will love that one!

I think the shades all have the same consistent formula that is very pigmented and extremely shimmery. These are some of the most pigmented/shimmery highlighters that I have used that aren't chunky. I was nervous that the formula was going to be chunky as I knew Anastasia highlighter formula packs such a glow. I really like the formula and I do think they are buildable. I am not someone who lives for the glow. I really love a soft strobing effect but I really wanted to try this out as I have tried out a few very pigmeted highlighter that packed a punch but were so chunky. I was really hoping these one would be different and they are.

One thing that I would say is that if you don't like a visible and noticeable highlight then this isn't for you. While it is buildable it has such a pigmented and glowing formulation that it will show up a good amount even at its lightest.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions about this glow kit :)

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