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Disappointing Makeup

Hi guys! Today I’m going to be doing a disappointing makeup post . Let me know if you have tried any of these out and have experienced the same thing. Thanks for reading :)

OK, so first off I have two face products. The first one is the Rimmel BB Cream in the radiance finish. I bought this BB cream last summer when I was looking for an alternative to heavier foundations that would literally slip off my face in the summer heat. I chose this BB cream as there are three different formulations (one is a natural finish, a matte one, and the radiant one I bought) and the idea of a radiant BB cream really intrigued me. I love to have nice natural, dewy, radiant skin and I especially wanted that for a light summer makeup look. The problem with this product is that it doesn’t last. When applying it I tried using my makeup brushes, a beauty blender, and even my hands- but it always left a weird finish. I felt that the finish wasn’t perfect but for a light coverage it wasn’t horrible so I would still wear it. But it breaks down around an hour after I put it on. I also found the color to be weird (I hope you will be able to see in the photo) but it almost has a grey tinge. There was also a very limited shade range; so if I did want to try out another shade I don’t think there would be another one that would be light enough for me.

The next one is one that I think will seem weird to a lot of people as this is like the ULTIMATE foundation for so many people. I didn’t like the Maybelline Matte and Pore less Foundation (*gasp*), I know! I’m weird! I don’t hate this foundation and I can see how people would love it as I feel for normal combination or oily skin it would be incredible. I have normal (but at times very dry skin) so this wasn’t the best for me. When I was looking at the claims for this product I thought that it would work for me as it says for normal to oily, but as my skin has gotten dryer I feel that it isn’t really meant for my normal sometimes dry skin. As on my skin it accentuated my pores and looked really heavy. So, I honestly don’t blame the product and I just wanted to mention it so that if you have normal/dry skin to not try it, and to try the dewy and smooth version instead (I love this version and I mentioned it in my best of 2016 makeup products post which I will link at the end of this post).

So, the next product I have is a Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 113. I love the Kate Moss lipsticks by Rimmel and the shade 104 is probably my most worn lipstick ever! So, I bought this shade as I thought I would have just as wonderful of an experience as I had with the other ones.That didn't exactly happen though because of a few different things. I really have an issue with the color for this one, as it is almost the shade of a concealer. I didn’t realize when buying this shade that it was SO nude as the sticker on the tube showed a more pinky nude . I found the sticker of the shade to be very different from the tube shade and for the shade to be generally unflattering. Obviously on me this wouldn’t really be the best color as it’s so similar to my skin tone, but I feel like the formula of this one is also lacking. It isn’t as, moisturizing and opaque as the others, and it really emphasized the lines in my lips.

I was also disappointed when I tried out the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Transylvania. I saw these all-over Pinterest and I heard a lot of good things about them. So I decided to try one out and I chose this dark shade as I saw a swatch of the color and it looked so pretty! I am also someone who is obsessed with plum lips and I love trying out the drugstore/ affordable options. I was disappointed as this is very uneven and patchy. You can see this in the swatch, and it is even more noticeable on the lips! This shade doesn’t build well and it wears quickly so it is very difficult to keep an even coverage on your lips. I honestly don’t like this product and I was disappointed as I heard so many great things about it. I may try out the nude shades to see if those are better, as nude shades are easier to formulate, but as of now I’m not a huge fan of this liquid lip.

The next products is an affordable mascara from Rimmel (shoot! I honestly didn’t realize how much Rimmel stuff was in this! I promise, I don’t have anything against Rimmel. I think it is probably because I try so much Rimmel stuff because I have loved a bunch of their products in the past). This mascara is the waterproof version of their Wonder Lash mascara ( the one that comes in the gold packaging), and this would work as a regular mascara but not as a waterproof one. It did an OK job staying on when it wasn’t wet (but there was still some flaking off) and the wand is nice, but when it got wet a ton of flaking happened and it smudged all over my under eye. It didn't really volumize or lengthen my lashes and it flaked away as soon as it got wet. So I would definitely pass on this one if you are looking for a good waterproof mascara.

So the last product I have is from Too Faced and this is a product I was disappointed in but I will still use it pretty often. This was the “Le Grand Chateau” Christmas set from last Christmas and it included three small palettes (with a face powder and six eyeshadows) and a mini Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I am a huge fan of Too Faced eyeshadows and I have tried out a lot of them. It is because of this that I would say the eyeshadow in these palettes is not the same quality. The shadows in the chocolate bar palette or in the sweet peach palette are so rich in pigment, creamy, and blendable These aren’t bad shadows and I think that this is more of a warning in the inconsistency in Too Faced eyeshadows between that permanent palettes and the limited-edition Christmas ones. I think these shadows are good but they are less creamy and a little chalkier. The glitter shades in this one tend to have a little more fall out and a more chunky formulation. I just wanted to point out that it was disappointing as the formula does seem to be different. I also didn’t like the blush tres fab (in the black palette) as it had very little pigment and didn't really show up on my face. I do really love the bronzer (pink palette) and I like the other blush (blue palette), so I still get some use out of those ones.

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