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My Mac Lipstick Collection

Hello! Today I’m here to do a post on my Mac lipstick collection. I am a big fan of Mac lipsticks and I have accumulated a collection of nine lipsticks over the past few years. It all started with the Ariana Grande Viva Glam I lipstick, and since then I was hooked. The vanilla smell, the packaging (especially the limited-edition packaging), and the formulas of the lipsticks are so good that I am truly OBSESSED.

I have four lipsticks that are part of the permanent collection; Ruby Woo, Velvet Teddy, Crosswires, and Barbeque (which I got for free from a Mac promotion that is on until the 25th of June, read about it Here). The packaging of these lipsticks is very famous and is an essential in so many people’s makeup bags. I personally love the bullet; the black packaging, the silver accents, and the weight all feel very nice. Now on to the shades:

Ruby Woo (retro matte)- Ruby Woo is the Mac lipstick that I knew the name of before I even set foot in a Mac store. It is insanely popular and is in so many blog posts and beauty videos that I knew I had to try it out for myself. The shade is stunning; it is a bright red with a blue tone that makes your teeth look insanely white. But, the formula (retro matte) is really drying. It takes a lot to apply and it really dries out your lips, but it has insane staying power. So this isn’t my fave but I like to wear it occasionally.

Velvet Teddy (matte)- this is my current favorite lipstick and I wore it to both of my proms (so you know I really love this one!). The matte finish is one of my favorites by Mac, as it’s pigmented, pretty long lasting, and is comfortable. This shade is a pinky brown, and is very popular as well.

Crosswires (cremesheen)- crosswires is a peachy pink (I included it in my peachy summer makeup picks, read about it Here) that looks amazing with a tan. It is such a summer lipstick; as the peach tones look amazing with a tan. It’s more of a bright shade and it’s still wearable. I love the cremsheen formula as it’s pigmented and comfortable, and I never hear anyone talking about this shade. Which is so weird as it’s so STUNNING!

Barbeque (matte)- This is a fiery red lipstick that looks stunning. I got this in the Mac Lips Lips Lips promotion as my free lipstick pick and I’m very excited to try it out. I am someone who really likes trying out different lip colors, and I wear bold colors very often, but I have always been afraid to try out orange lipstick. Call me crazy, but I’m afraid and I don’t even know why. So, to get over my fear of orange lipstick (which sounds pretty hilarious) my first step was to get this gorgeous red orange and give it a try.

For limited edition lipsticks, I have five lipsticks; Ariana Grande Viva Glam I, Mcizzle (Mariah Carey collection), Dreaming of You (Selena collection), Love at First Bite (Fruity Juicy collection), and Spotlight Me (Steve J and Yoni P collection). The limited-edition lipsticks come in the same sized packaging as the permanent ones, but it is designed to be different and is unique to the collection.

left to right:

Fruity Juicy, Selena, Viva Glam, Mariah Carey, Steve J and Yoni P

Ariana Grande Viva Glam I (matte)- This was my first Mac lipstick and it was a lipstick I wore constantly during last year’s spring. The shade itself is very daring; as it’s a dark plum color. I like the matte formula of this lipstick. Although I have an issue with the pigmentation as it does get patchy at times. It’s still a gorgeous shade and I always wear this in autumn and winter.

Mcizzle (cremesheen)- the packaging of this lipstick is amazing! It is so sparkly and girly and I love it! This was one of the prettiest LE mac lipstick packaging that I have seen. The color itself is a very light peachy nude, and I personally feel like it is too light for me to wear on its own. I mix it with other lip colors by applying this one as a base and then adding other color on top and mixing it with a lip brush or my finger.

Dreaming of You (matte)- This lipstick was by far the hardest one to get. The Mac Selena collection was so sought after and I barely managed to get this one before it sold out. I had originally wanted the nude in that collection but it sold out as I was purchasing it so I got this shade instead. It was a very happy accident as this red is AMAZING! I love a good dark red lip, as it’s the perfect combination of classic and vamp. The matte formula is amazingly pigmented and it is so opaque, this is one LE Mac lipstick that I think they should really add to the permanent range as the color is amazing!

Love at First Bite (amplified crème)-This is a very recent addition to my collection as this lipstick is part of Mac’s 2017 summer collection. This is another of my favorite Mac limited edition packaging as it has little illustrations of fruit on the container and it is a glossy black finish. The color itself is the bright pink I have been looking for. It is a perfect hot pink (but is not neon or too overbearing) and is just very flattering. This one is something I have been LOVING recently!

Spotlight Me (amplified crème)-This lipstick is a peachy nude and is also a recent addition to my collection. While I picked up another nude, when I probably shouldn’t have, this one is pretty unique to my collection. As it is very peachy and warm toned. I am very excited to try this one out as the amplified crème formula is a new one to me and the color looks so pretty.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what your favorite Mac lipstick is and what should be the next shade I pick up?

xx Brynnie

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