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Summer Lip Edit: Peach, Pink, and Bolds

Hi! Today I’m going to be doing a post which is for all the lip product lovers (and hoarders) out there. I love putting together lip edits for the seasons and I have done a few in the past (read my fall edit Here and spring edit Here) as I am someone who really switches up my lip go-to’s every season. For summer I am always into bold colors, and this summer is no exceptions. I really love pinks and peach shades, a glossy lip, and at times a bright red orange lip. I have also thrown in a peachy nude, so if bolds aren’t for you, I’ve got you covered.

To start, I have a few liquid lips as the shades are just so summery (summer-y? summer esq.? haha I don't know if any of those would be correct). I haven't been as into liquid lips recently but these ones are just amazing. They are from affordable brands as well, which both my purse and I ADORE.

Colour Pop-Lychee: This is a bright purple matte liquid lipstick. It’s honestly such a pretty shade but it’s very very daring. Like the kind of daring cool girls in movies pull off, that I’m not 100% sure I can. This is a shade I only ever try to wear in summer and it’s one for a special occasion for me. The color is so pretty and the matte long lasting formula is such a plus with this shades as finding a bold lip shade that will last is so tricky. I don’t find the CP liquid lips overly drying but they can be after a while, so I would recommend a good lip balm before hand.

Colour Pop- Flitter: The CP metallic liquid lipsticks are very comfortable and are a moussey texture. The shade flitter is also very pretty and it could be the perfect affordable metallic for a “festival” look. I wouldn’t wear this metallic pink-gold shade everyday but for a metallic lip lover or for a crazy night out, this could be so so so much fun!

Maybelline- Romantic: This is a very new addition to my lip collection (more realistically "hoard" might be the the adjective I should use) and I picked it up while I was on vacation at the beach. I love this bright pink fuchsia color as it goes perfectly with a tan and makes my teeth look really white as well. The formula is a little funny, as it's sticky for a good while until it sets but once it does, it lasts for hours and through eating without flaking or losing it's intensity. I'm def excited about this right now!

For lip gloss I only have one pick as I am not really a lipgloss girl. I’m a little picky (i’ll have to admit it) as I really can’t stand lip gloss that is super thick, or sticky, or really watery. So I have included one of my go to lip glosses that has a touch of shimmer and a really pretty tint of color.

Revlon- HD Petalite: This is a gloss from the Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer collection and is one of my total faves. A peachy pink shade is one of my favorite lip colors in general and the light gold shimmer really makes my lips look so good and really is just so flattering.

I have chosen three lipsticks to include in this as ATM I am really into lipsticks. I know that the whole liquid lipstick craze is still occurring but honestly for me, I am so much more of a lipstick girl right now. I just love that they stay on, pack a lot of color, and aren’t as drying as a liquid lip. I think after this past winter, I’ve been in a matte liquid lip remission as my lips were so dry and I was over having a hard time removing them.

Mac- Barbeque: This has been my recent fave (as in wearing it when I took the pictures for this post and as I have been writing it) and one that was pretty unexpected for me. I have a love hate relationship with red lip shades (sometimes I think they look so good and other times I feel like they REALLY don’t), so finding a red orange shade that I’m obsessed with is such a surprise. It’s a true bright red orange that is in a matte finish and is very bright. I love it with simple summer makeup, winged liner, a good pair of jeans, and a hot summer day. This might honestly be my summer 2017 shade!

Rimmel Kate Moss- 42: This is the nude-ish shade I added in here as I know that the bright shades are not for everyone. I also am a fan of a nude in summer, especially a pinky peach one. This is a cool toned light pink shade in a satin finish. It’s a pink shade that I don’t love all year round, but is perfect when paired with a summer tan.

Mac- Love at First Bite: This lipstick came out in this year's summer collection and has the most “summer” packaging. It’s covered in illustrated fruit and just makes me think of spending the day in an island paradise (or something oh so summery like that). The shade itself is a bright pink and comes in an amplified finish, which honestly makes it a lot more wearable as it has a sheen. With this finish it is SO long lasting! Which I really wasn’t expecting due to it’s sheen.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what your fave summer lip products are? Or if you have tried any of these ones out?

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