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Three to try from Colour Pop

Whether you hate em’, love em’, or haven't’ tried anything from em’.... You have probably heard of the brand Colour Pop. It’s been such a big “social media” brand, and I first heard of it over a year ago on Youtube and Instagram. They are super popular in the US and have just announced they will be in Sephora over the holidays. So, in celebration, I wanted to share with you three to try from Colour Pop!

My first recommendation is the product I would recommend the most. As I LOVE it an insane amount! It’s the Ultra Satin liquid lipstick. This formula was created as an alternative to their Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks, and are an intensely pigmented, velvety formula. I did a whole review post on these a lil’ while ago (check it out Here) and I wrote about how much I love them. They are such a comfortable formula and they do transfer (but they also do this incredible thing: when they transfer it hardly takes any pigment off of the lips). Although they never look patchy and your color isn’t totally removed. It’s also $6 as Colour Pop is an extremely affordable brand. I included the Shade Lyin’ King in the photo as it’s my favorite of the shades I own as it’s a very unique red raspberry shade.

The next product recommendation is a total Colour Pop classic and it’s the Ultra Matte liquid lipstick, of course! This product is one I would say can be AMAZING for you, or it could be your least favorite thing. It honestly just depends on how matte of a liquid lipstick you like. If you aren’t into matte liquid lipsticks, then this is something you should def skip, and the Ultra Satin lips are way better for you. But…. if you like affordable matte liquid lips… these are some of my faves. They are extremely long lasting, and survive food very very well! I can go almost a whole day without reapplying after eating (but big burgers or super oily foods usually need another application afterwards). My only complaint with these is that if my lips are dry and the lines in them are more enhanced, they look more amplified with these on. Normally they are fine but if that’s something that gets ya down, then these aren't perfect for you. They have SO many colors (as do most of Colour Pops products) and some of my faves are Mars (a fuscia red- a summer staple!), Beeper (a cool toned brown) and the one I have in the picture, Donut (which is a bright pink peach- it’s a little neon, but for summer and if you like that shade, it could be a good fit).

My last recommendation is the Creme gel colour in Swerve. Swerve is their take on classic black gel liner, and I really liked using it. I used it for around half of last year with a liner brush from Zoeva and I found it pretty easy to use. It’s a very creamy formula so it was pretty easy to get a lot of pigment quickly. I also wanted to recommend this as they have SO many Colors! Like an insane amount! And they retail for $6, so if you are looking for a one use gel liner that might be in a crazy color, this could be a good option. I didn’t ever have a lot of transfer with this, but on hot summer days when my eyelids were going to be a little more sweaty (which sound pretty gross typing, so sorry…) I applied some matte black shadow over top and I was good to go.

Thanks for reading! Have you guys tried anything from Colour Pop? Or any of these products specifically? Also if you have, what are your faves (it’s been awhile since I’ve made an order)?

P.S. I think I might make this into a series, so any other brand suggestions?

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