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Blogmas Day 10: Serious Skin Saviors

In winter I find that my skin and the weather have a much more *difficult* relationship. The cold dries out my skin, school brings on stress and acne, and the holiday season makes for amazing meals (and skin that is V affected by the food). I turn to my skin saviors like old trusted friends for hydration (and maybe even guidance) in getting my skin (and me) through the day.

I really love to keep extra products on hand which are *intense* moisturizers. My first pick is a balm and it’s from the brand Earth Tu Face. I honestly don’t know too much about the brand and it’s one that I am going to try and look into more into in the future. I got this in a special Vogue Birchbox over the summer and I have been LOVING it! It’s a thick balm that I apply with my finger tips by pressing it into my skin. It is 100% pure earth, cruelty free, and made of plant based ingredients. What really amazes me with this product is how much it changes my skin in a single night! I wake up with my skin looking refreshed, hydrated, and smoothed! It’s a miracle for winter! My next pick is the Origins Drink Up- Intensive overnight mask (which I actually did a full review on over the summer Here). I apply this mask before I go to bed and it again just makes my skin amazing when I wake up! It really really hydrates and leaves my skin ready for makeup in the morning. I love both equally and I think the real difference is in the type of product and it’s price.

One thing I've become quiet attached to is eye cream. I’ve been using one for less than a year but I would consider myself hooked! I’m almost out of my clinique Pep- Start eye cream but I love it! Under eyes are so sensitive and with makeup application they really go through a lot (so an eye cream is just so essential)! This depuffs, hydrates, and has an amazing applicator!

Lastly is the dry skin hand cream by L’Occitane. I was gifted this by my mom and I’ve been using it pretty frequently to avoid dry hands. I also am someone who used hand sanitizer pretty religiously and it’s a must to have lotion if you use hand sanitizer (as handsanitzers really dry out my skin). This is thick but absorbs quickly (a must for me)!

There are my skin saviors! What are yours? Have you tried any of these?


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