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GO-TO's for smooth summer skin

Extras in Image: supermarket flowers (which smell so good), recently thrifted green italian boots (life altering find!), and last months issue of British Elle

Summer is the non-negotiable season of skin. It’s the time of the year when pant legs are cut off, skin goes a few shades darker (or redder), and clothes bare more and more. In winter, my attitude towards my skin is lackluster. I’m aware that my skin would be better if I moisturized it. I know that shaving my legs could be a good idea. But, when it’s raining buckets and I’m wearing pants constantly, I just don’t see the point.

My gumption, attitude, and excitement towards skin care and body hair removal doesn’t change in summer. I would still say I’m lazy to the bone with it. So, I’ve found two life proof products that make shaving and smooth skin an absolute breeze (or shall we say sea breeze maybe… ok that was the last bad joke…I promise).

Before I start writing about shaving I want to note that I believe no one HAS to shave! It’s a choice of any person to do it and I think that body hair can really be a beautiful thing. If you want to keep it, then do it! All the more power to you! If you want to remove it, then great! That’s awesome. I choose to remove it because I just prefer myself without it.

Shaving, in my mind, is time-consuming. It’s also precarious! Think about the fact that in the tight quarters of your shower you are standing/leaning/sitting in precarious positions to shave as water comes spitting out of the drain (pretty much hitting you straight in the eyes). If I am going to do this I don’t want any cuts, I want a smooth shave, and I want my skin to be soft. *Eos shave cream in the Lavender Jasmine scent is my secret to this. It’s the quickest shave that gives me the most moisturized skin after doing something I don’t exactly love.

If you are someone who enjoys putting lotion on I really don’t understand you. I hate the sticky feeling that post-lotion-application gives. I LOATHE IT. So instead I use the *Love, Beauty and Planet Argan Oil + Lavender body wash in the shower post shave for extra hydration. The first time I used it I went around to all my friends and told them how incredible it was. I also forced a few to feel my legs so they would know that it makes your skin so so so soft.

Each of the products I mentioned is available in different scents. I mean, I would recommend the lavender as it makes me feel as if I’m a rich woman who lives in province France in a garden full of lavender (* think white flowy dress, red mule heals, and just a garden full of lavender around me*). It’s the closest thing to a “cool French girl” that I can be and I can’t imagine I’m the only one who doesn’t wish they were “cool French girl” material as well. But, if it’s not for you I’d say go on a scent journey and give the other ones a sniff.

Have you tried these? Any recomendations for a girl who hates shaving?

Au revoir and smooth shaving to you x

*are affiliate links that could allow me to earn a very small amount of profit if you purchased an item. In all honesty I mostly used the affiliate link to have the cool product shopper at the bottom of my posts (I just think it look so good!)

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