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How to Transition your Beauty Routine from Summer to Fall

It’s the first rainy day in a slew of record heat ones and I feel as if I can finally write a post on transitional beauty products. I wanted to get this post up a good ol' while before fall actually starts so I could suggest a few simple (and affordable) ways to switch up your makeup. Mainly so your makeup can be eerily similar yet still “fall”. It's all an illusion and today I am your magic professor (purple robes + wizard hat) on how I would recommend you do it.


To start, fall beauty usually marks a point for coverage to be amped up. This isn’t due to a seasonal problem where everyone's skin becomes acne covered. It’s just due to the fact that the dryness of winter can lead to a heightened drabness level in your skin. Tans fade after summer and foundation can be a way to fake a healthy glow when the rain/snow/ cold has stolen it away. To avoid wearing more foundation I choose to focus on my skin a little more. I really wanted to keep this post affordable and this is the only item that is a bit more pricey. I have loved, and loved, and loved again the *Origins Drink-Up Intensive Mask for hydration (reviewed last summer, Here). It is a mask I apply most nights before I got to bed. It works as a supercharged moisturizer that resets dry skin and leaves the most fresh-faced glow in the morning. The reason I splurged a little more for this product is due to the problems I have had with extremely dry and irritated skin. I don’t spend too much on beauty but I think there are moments when a little investment can be worth it. My skin is proof of that with this product.


Next up is another ‘fake it to make it” pick. I guess as a note that’s what most of this post is. I really think that fall beauty can be eerily similar to the rest of the year and I think instead of immediately going towards dark eyes/ lip (which yes are lovely!) I think working on complexion and glow is the real secret. I have never talked about the brand Kokie on my blog before but today's that day. The Liquid HighLights in the shade Superstar by Kokie cosmetics are an affordable ($7.00) secret to great skin. This product can be mixed into moisturizer, foundation, concealer, liquid blush/ bronzer, or even tapped onto lip products. It comes in three shades and I chose the middle one as it’s a champagne color with a hint of gold. This products completely changed my CoverGirl Vitalist foundation (normally demi-matte, medium coverage) to a healthy glow look but w/ no loss of coverage. In addition to its almost magical mixing qualities, it can be a very bold highlight when applied with a finger or sponge on cheekbones, nose, and cupid's bow. It’s an obvious dupe for liquid highlights such as the ones from Becca, or Cover FX. Formula wise I love it, price wise- it’s perfect! The only downside is that the pipette to extract the product of mine doesn’t work so I often have to pour a little out on the back of my hand.


Lastly is a take on the popular “darker lip” look that dominates fall beauty. I tried to think of easy, and affordable ways that you could switch up your lip look. It was a pretty easy choice and it had to be the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks. Side note; these lipsticks are drugstore staples that have been sold for years, are classics in O.G. YouTube tutorials, and are often on sale. The shades I decided to share are 111 (a true bright red- a little more Christmas but still a good choice) and the classic 107 (a plum red that is a favorite of Zoella among others). I also decided to share a trick of mine to save some money. I A.L.W.A.Y.S mix lipsticks. It’s the makeup artist trick that cosmetic companies don’t want you to know (as it will decrease their sales). You don’t need every shade of lipstick and instead can mix the perfect in between one's yourself. For the start of fall, I would use my Rimmel *42 lipstick (one that on its own washes me out) as a pink base on which I would apply either 111 or 107 for a transition ready fall lip. The later in fall I may wear the darker shades alone for a bolder look. Lip shades in picture (top to bottom): 107 (matte), 111 (matte), 42 (creeme sheen Esq.), mix 1 (shade 42 + shade 107), and mix 2 (shade 42 + shade 111.)

have you switched from a summer to fall beauty routine? What would be your transitional beauty products?

*marks the use of an affiliate link which could contribute a small amount of revenue if clicked. In all honesty, I mainly use affiliate links to show products in a grid at the bottom of my posts so it's easier to see what I am blogging about.


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