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Maximalist tries Minimalist Skincare Routine

When I decided it was time to find a simple and effective skincare routine I had my doubts. I mean, I’m a maximalist and I don’t often do “simple”. Sure, I love watching those tutorials where stunning models apply such minimal amounts of skincare, and makeup, that if you blink --you miss it. And then *poof* all of a sudden they look stunning/ angelic/ perfect… you get what I’m saying. I’ve just never been that person… and I had no idea how to emulate the skincare routine of someone who was.

That was until this past November. It was cold, rainy, and I could barely get everything I needed done. Like the crazy morning person I am; I turned to doing work in the morning and had to leave my house at 6:45 AM. It may just be me but at 6:45 AM makeup was the last thing I wanted to do. So, I started to rely on skincare that was simple and worked to improve my skin. Once I had my a simple skincare routine my skin improved to the point that I felt, and for the first time, that makeup was becoming optional.

As a maximalist and someone who usually opts for a "more is more" approach for makeup -- I know that this isn't what everyone would want. But, in the essence of the new year I thought a post like this might be inspiration for some of my fellow maximalists to try a simpler routine out (and maybe even grab a few extra minutes of beauty sleep in the process).

For a clean base...

To start I cleanse my face with the best cleanser I have ever used. I have praised it for years because A) it is affordable and B) it is built for sensitive skin. Cleansers are… a little terrifying. I mean they can strip your skin of moisture all in the pure attempt of cleaning it.

The Neutrogena moisturizing cleanser (not pictured, but written about here) is the solution I have found. For cleansers I would prefer something on the affordable side (actually that goes for everything but I haven't always had much luck w/ affordable skincare). The Neutrogena cleanser is built for sensitive skin and removes makeup without removing your skins hydration. A.K.A it simply removes the bad stuff while keeping the good stuff in.

For glowy Skin…

In all the aisles of beauty products the terms "glow" and "glowing" are attached to many of them. If you wanted to create a drinking game I would recommend taking a shot every time you see a product that advertises "glow". Since it's the New Years, I'll allow you to change it to a health shot from a juicer (health up people. it is the new year after all).

And of all those heavenly glow products my favorite is the Dear Klairs Vitamin E Mask. I have been using it for a bout a year and find the texture to be as enticing as the benefits of the mask. It is a jello esq. texture that makes this mask fun and easy to smooth on. Then, it tightens and brightens and your skin has a sheen that it did not have before.

For hydrated skin…

Recently I have been between moisturisers and have only just started using the Shea moisture priming moisturizer. What drew me in was the fair trade ingredients and the simple ingredient list. In winter, my sensitive skin is difficult. And I will do whatever I can to minimize the flair's of extreme dryness and the discomfort that follows. I went for this product because of its simple list of ingredients (very minimalist eh?). Additionally, Fair trade ingredients in a glass containers that I can reuse seems like a great alternative for other less ethical moisturizers.

Since I've used this moisturizer my skin has been doing amazing (like no makeup amazing) and I would especially recommend it as a good product from a brand that is doing good.

For those hellish under eyes…

There is a reason I love concealer so much. It's because I have very dark under eyes no matter how much sleep I get. I also have really big eyes which makes those under eye circles a little more prominent. So, while I’m young for eye cream... I still swear by it. While people usually consider eye cream at my age to be a little extra I wouldn't give it up and find this one to be a one step solution for brightening and de-puffing. I've even applied it while I'm on my way to class.

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What’s in your skincare routine? Minimalist? Maximalist? Let me know below!

*is an affiliate link that would allow me to collect a small amount of profit if the sale of this product occurred. All recommendations are honest and links are used to help an interested reader find the product


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